How to Apply for Supervisors

Our call for GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP 2023-24 projects has now closed.

Key Documents

Please read through the following documents prior to submitting a project application to the GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP.

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP – 2023-24 How to Apply and FAQs

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP – 2023-24 Supervisor Expectations

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP – 2023-24 Prep Period Overview

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP – 2023-24 Recruitment Schedule

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP 2023-24 Application Template

Recruitment Timeline

Monday 6th June 2022By 9amSupervisor project
proposal submission
form opens
Monday 18th July
By 5pmSupervisor project
proposal submission
Wednesday 20th July –
Monday 15th
August 2022
By 5pmProject panel scores
projects and submits
scores to DTP
Monday 22nd
August 2022
10.30am – middayProject selection
Monday 22nd
August 2022
By 5pmSupervisors notified of project selection
panel outcome
Friday 2nd September –
Wednesday 2nd November 2022
Projects advertised for student applications
Wednesday 2nd November 2022By 5pmStudent application
Tuesday 8th November-
Monday 12th December 2022
Panel scores and
shortlists applicants in 2 stages
Thursday 15th
December 2022
1pm – 3pmStudent shortlisting
Friday 16th
December 2022
MiddayDTP notifies
candidates and
supervisors of
successful applications
Friday 20th
January 2023
MiddaySupervisor meets with all candidates for their project
Friday 20th
January 2023
MiddayCandidates send
references and
transcripts to the DTP
Wednesday 25th January &
Thursday 26th January 2023
DTP interviews
Wednesday 1st
February 2023
1pm – 2.30pmStudent shortlisting
Thursday 2nd February 2023 – Mid March 2023Clearing period
w/c Monday 25th
September 2023
Local induction events
1st October 2023Official funding start

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