Research Themes

GW4 BioMed2 MRC DTP studentships centre around four strategic research themes that characterise the programme. Read more about them on the pages below:

Cross-Cutting Themes

The cross-cutting theme covers four key areas: Data Science, Interdisciplinarity, Reproducibility and Integrity, and Translation and Innovation.

Infection, Immunity Antimicrobial Resistance and Repair

IIAR aims to improves the diagnosis, prevention, treatment of autoimmune and infectious diseases, cancers, and co-morbidities, while addressing microbial resistance and fostering clinical innovations.

Neuroscience and Mental Health

The NMH theme investigates brain and CNS disorders, studying genetics, biological mechanisms, interventions, and behavioral changes.

Population Health Sciences

PHS theme studies the causes of disease and health behaviors, aiming to improve population health through interventions and research implementation.